Admission Practices Committee

 *If you would like to report an institution's admission practices that appear to be in violation of NACAC's Statement of Principle's of Good Practice, please reference this form.*



Jeffrey Makris (Term 2016-2019)
Director of College Counseling
Stuyvesant High School


Robert Herr (Term 2017-2020)
Dean of Enrollment
Wagner College



Committee Members


Matthew Berry (2018-2021)
Assistant Director of Freshman Admissions
St. John Fisher College


Austin Brass (2018-2021)
Director of Admissions Recruitment & Strategy
Daeman College


Michael Campanelli (2018-2021)
School Counselor
Urban Assembly School for Green Careers

Steven Harris (2016-2019)
Assistant Director of College Guidance
Magen David Yeshivah High School

Christine Murphy (2017-2019)
Vice President for Enrollment Management
St. Joseph's College

Christine Rossi-Corrado (2017-2020)
Admissions Advisor
Stony Brook University

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To monitor and enforce ethical practices in the admission process for all institutions, including high schools and colleges. Guidelines for this committee are detailed in the Statement of Principles of Good Practice (SPGP), which were developed by Admission offices in conjunction with the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and The College Board.

Responsibilities of the Chair/Co-Chairs

Chair the member committee at regularly scheduled meetings where alleged infractions are addressed. The role of the committee members is to remain informed of allegations and serve as a resource to the AP chairs as necessary-i.e. help present at conferences, assist with newsletter, educate the membership.

Annually lead the review of the NACAC SPGP.

Monitor practices and procedures and review new practices and procedures in college admissions to be certain they are consistent with the SPGP.

Communicate all alleged infractions to the President of NYSACAC. 

Report regularly to the NYSACAC Executive Board through the President on the involvement of the Committee.

Receive allegations (official and unofficial) and investigate their validity.

Mediate infractions and make suggestions to accusers in order to eliminate the need for the committee to become involved.

Complete all official paperwork and send to the national Executive Board and AP Committees.

Educate the membership and other admission professionals via:

  • Send letter to all high school counseling offices every fall with reminders about student rights and responsibilities in the college admission process.
  • Send letter to all college and university admission offices every spring reminding them of the areas that most often become problems for them.
  • Present at the annual NYSACAC conference a workshop that educates the membership on the SPGP code of ethics.
  • Submit an article to the Newsletter about an ethical concern, as needed.
  • Conduct a workshop for new high school counselors and admission professionals annually at the NYSACAC Summer Institute at Skidmore College.

Report regularly to the NACAC Executive Board through the National AP Chair.

Annually update his/her knowledge and skills regarding the changes and updates in the SPGP by:

  • Attending 3 workshops provided by NACAC at the national conference every year.
  • Consulting with representative on the national AP Committee, as needed.
  • Networking with the other AP chairs from around the world at the annual training sessions.

Maintain a high level of confidentiality with respect to any and all consultations regarding ethical behavior of the professionals in our institutions.