Congratulations to our 2019 Award Winners!

Award Winners (L to R): Jonathan Hoster (Inclusion,Access, and Success Award), Sandy Jimenez (Distinguished Service CBO), Meylin Andares (Distinguished Service Award-College), Peter Hagan (President's Award), Ummi Modeste- Rogerson (Distinguished Service-High School)
[Not pictured- Robert Kaercher- Rising Star Award] 

President's Award
This NYSACAC award is presented to an individual who, over a period of years,
has performed outstanding service to NYSACAC, to our profession, and to the community.

2019                                       Peter Hagan                                          Syracuse University

2018                                       David Coates                                        Coates College Consulting

2017                                       Dr. Timothy Lee                                     University at Albany, SUNY

2016                                       Kent Rinehart                                           Marist College

2015                                       Mary Lou Bates                                       Skidmore College

2014                                       Greg Wasserman                                    The Wheatley School

2013                                       Carl "Sandy" Behrend                             Orchard Park High School (retired)

2012                                        Susan Davidson                                      The Cooper Union

2011                                        Michael Acquilano                                  Staten Island Academy

2010                                        Sean P. Kaylor                                          Marist College

2009                                        Richard Alvarez                                        CUNY

2008                                        Lisa Sohmer                                             Garden School

2007                                        Janet Pacifico                                          John J. High School

2006                                        Susan Donovan                                       Syracuse University

2005                                        Scott Hooker                                            Alfred University

2004                                        Beryl S. Jeffers                                        SUNY Metropolitan Recruitment Center

2003                                        Barry Ward                                               Manhattanville College

2002                                        Geoff Gould                                             SUNY Binghamton (retired)

2001                                        Mary Ann Reichhardt                             Rye Country Day School

2000                                        Joan Zinner                                             Garden School

1999                                        Hugh Johnson                                         Pittsford Middle School

1998                                        Larry Appel                                               Sullivan County Comm. College

1997                                        Joie' Ray-Alexander                                SUNY System Administration

1996                                        Rodney Morrison                                     University of Rochester

1995                                        Jose Flores                                               Manhattanville College


Distinguished Service Award: College
This NYSACAC award recognizes a College Counselor of the year for their
exceptional service to our profession.

2019                               Meylin Andares                                        State University of New York

2018                               Sarah Ireland                                           Skidmore College

2017                                Tom Bloss                                               Ithacac College

2016                               Donna Schaffner                                     Utica College

2015                               Charlotte Tefft                                        Syracuse University

2014                                        Susan Reantillo                                       NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering 

2013                                        Peter Johnson                                        Columbia University 

2012                                        Denny Nicholson                                     LeMoyne College

2011                                        Stacey Lederman                                    St. John Fisher College

2010                                        Dr. Patricia Peek                                     Fordham University

2009                                        John Young                                             Hobart & William Smith Colleges

2008                                        Tom DaRin                                              Nazareth College

2007                                        Fran Berstein                                          SUNY Buffalo

2006                                        Catherine Delorenzo                               Skidmore College

2005                                        Richard Bory                                            Cooper Union

2004                                        Kitty McCarthy                                         SUNY Systems Administration

2003                                        Marcy Kraus                                            University of Rochester

2002                                        John Buckley                                           Fordham University

2001                                        Dianne Crozier                                        Union College

2000                                        Joanna Broda                                          Pace University

1999                                        Peter Jordan                                           College of Aeronautics

1998                                        Paula Mitchell                                          Ithaca College

1997                                        Mary Lou Bates                                       Skidmore College

1996                                        Mary Claire Bauer                                   Canisius College

1995                                        Ann Fleming Brown                                 Union College


Distinguished Service Award: High School
This NYSACAC award recognizes a High School Counselor of the year for
their exceptional service to our profession.


2018                                        Ummi Modeste-Rogerson                    City-As-School

2018                                        Kevin Brooks                                         Bronx Academy of Letters

2017                                        Mitchell L. Thompson, Jr.                       Scarsdale High School

2015                                        Pauline Brookfield                                   Marymount School

2014                                        Kent Jones                                              Emma Willard School

2013                                        Annie Brickel                                           FLAGS High School (retired) 

2012                                        Jane Mathias                                          Nardin Academy

2011                                        Jeff Makris                                              High School of Economics and Finance

2010                                        Heidi Green                                            Fayetteville-Manlius High School

2009                                        Ann Wallace                                           Rye Neck Schools

2008                                        Jan Goldstein                                         Solomon-Schechter School

2007                                        Marlene Muscanera                                The Mary Louis Academy

                                        Mike Roche                                             School Without Walls

2005                                        Marjorie Jacobs                                      Scarsdale High School

2004                                        Ralph Donnell                                        Clarkstown High School South

2003                                        Rose Ellen Racanefii                               Scarsdale High School

2002                                        Tom Yanno                                             East Syracuse-Minoa High School

2001                                        Jeff Spielvogel                                        Francis Lewis High school

2000                                        Katie Mason                                           Rush-Henrietta Senior High School

1999                                        Roslyn Sternlieb                                     Grover Cleveland High School

1998                                        Judith Klemperer                                    Herbert H. Lehman High School

1997                                        Penny Oberg                                          Horace Greeley High School

1996                                        Hazel-Tishcoff                                         Edward R. Murrow High School

1995                                        Patty Taylor                                            Bronxville High School


Inclusion, Access, and Success Award
(formerly know as the Human Relations Award)

The Inclusion, Access, and Success award is presented to an individual or program that embodies the ideals of the Human Relations Committee. The person the program honored works tirelessly on the issues of access and making post-secondary education opportunities available to historically underrepresented students.

2019                              Jonathan Hoster                                     Syracuse University

2018                              Jo Anne Phang                                       Syracuse University

2017                             Tom Nesbitt                                     SUNY Potsdam

2016                              Kristen Harris                                         NYC Department of Education

2015                                        Marie Nocella                                         Siena College

2014                                        James Agnello                                        Bronxville High School

2013                                        Cassie Magesis                                      The Urban Assembly 

2012                                        Chris Farmer                                          Young Women’s Leadership Sch. of E. Harlem

2011                                        Bill Short                                                St. Lawrence University

2010                                        Susan Cohen                                         The Cooper Union

2009                                        Karen Staller                                          Lawrence High School

2008                                        Beryl S. Jeffers                                       SUNY Metropolitan Recruitment Center

2007                                        Christopher Milton                                  Buffalo State College, SUNY

2006                                        Brian Petraitis                                         College Board

2005                                        Mitchell Thompson                                  Scarsdale High School

2004                                        Lonnie Morrison                                      Syracuse University

2003                                        Angel Perez                                            High School for Economics and Finance

2002                                        Sean Callaway                                        Center for Urban Education/Pace University

2001                                        Carla Shere                                            The Riverside Church in the City of NY


Rising Star Award

The Rising Star Award honors individuals and programs that exemplify excellence and dedication to serving the needs of students in the transition from high school to college. Preference will be given to those who have worked in the field for no more than five years. They must be new members who are striving to make a difference within the association through their work in committees. Winner of the NYSACAC Rising Star Award will automatically be the NYSACAC nominee for the NACAC Rising Star Award.

2019                              Robert Kaercher                               Byron-Bergen Jr. Sr. High School

2018                              Estrella Redondo                              Marymount Manhattan College

2017                              Daryl Hornick-Becker                         CUNY Welcome Center

2017                              Brian Culligan                                   SUNY Welcome Center

2016                              Bryan Rothstein                                       Adelphi University

2015                                        Alexandra Tramposch                              Niagara University

2014                                        Lisa Searle                                              Ithaca College

2013                                       Casey Pedrick                                          Stuyvesant High School