NYSACAC Special Interest Groups are communities with shared goals, experiences, or interests with a purpose of supporting specific affinities or challenges they face as professionals or the students they serve. These communities provide knowledge sharing, networking and professional development, and are open to members and non-members.

Membership in these groups is open to all, but if you are interested in joining NYSACAC, you can find more information here.

African Diaspora SIG
Co-Chairs: Khalifa Niasse & Jmal Chestnut

The African Diaspora SIG is a place where people can discuss and seek solutions to issues around college access and success as they pertain to both professionals in the field and students who identify as members of the African Diaspora. The group will also decide how to respond to various events that affect our students and colleagues who are contending with racism and acts of hate in professional or academic settings.

For more information, please email [email protected]

Community College/Transfer SIG
Co-Chairs: Robin Graff & Cheryl Bradley

The Community College/Transfer SIG is designed to engage people in discussion about the unique issues facing community colleges and transfer students. This is a special interest group for the discussion of issues that relate specifically to the students at community colleges and those that transfer from a community college to a 4-year institution.

For more information, please email
[email protected]

Independent Educational Counselors SIG
Facilitators: Carl (Sandy) Behrend & David P. Coates

The NYSACAC Independent Educational Consultants (IEC) SIG provides IEC and prospective IEC members with a supportive community. Through dialogue, professional development, and programming, the SIG provides opportunities for learning, camaraderie, and leadership.

For more information, please email [email protected].

Jewish Schools and Jewish Students SIG
Facilitators:  Corey Katz & Betsy F. Woolf

NYSACAC Jewish Schools and Jewish Students SIG is a professional membership group whose mission is to foster dialogue, support, and professional development for counselors who work with Jewish high school, college and graduate school students. The SIG works with those counselors to identify issues of importance to Jewish students, provide resources for Jewish students, effectively communicate with Jewish students, and empower Jewish students to deal with issues that relate to their Jewish identity and practices. This SIG will meet at the NYSACAC Annual Conference and sporadically throughout the academic year in person or via zoom.

For more information, please email [email protected].

Latinx SIG

Co-Chairs: Meylin Andares, Yohaly Navarrete & Estrella Redondo

The Latinx SIG represents the perspectives and concerns of professionals who are responsible for guidance, recruitment, and transition (from high school to college) of Latino students. We will also provide the opportunity to discuss/disseminate, and represent any and all related topics, issues, and trends relevant to Latino/Hispanic college admission counseling.

For more information, please email
[email protected]

Co-Chairs: Emmanuel Cruz (he/him), Erica Padilla (she/her) & Lenni Foreman (they/them)

The LGBTQIA+ SIG provides opportunities for members to discuss issues of college admission that affect LGBTQIA+ students and others. The LGBTQIA+ SIG will address issues by offering opportunities to engage in discussion and act as an agent for change.

For more information, please email [email protected]

Women in Counseling & Admission SIG
Lisa Sohmer & Sara Eletr 

The Women in Admission SIG's mission is to support anyone who identifies as a woman to achieve success in the admission profession. The purpose of the group is to assist women in navigating the complexities of our profession including topics such as, but not limited to, sexism, equal pay, and work-life balance. The group also supports the retention and advancement of women in the admission field.

For more information, please email: [email protected] 

White Engagement: Work on Identity and Status for Healing (WE-WISH) SIG
: Danny Robinson & Karen Archibee 

The WE-WISH Special Interest Group seeks to provide space for college admissions professionals that are interested in and dedicated to the understanding and dismantling privilege in our profession. Participants will engage in topics, issues and trends relevant to conversation surrounding privilege in admission counseling. The group will also focus on work to be done at the individual and systems level to increase awareness of white privilege in our profession, and move the profession into anti-bias practices. It encompasses the perspectives of those professionals who are responsible for the counseling, guidance, education, recruitment and transition (from high school to college) of all students.

For more information, please email[email protected]