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NYSACAC is incredibly proud to have been part of the advocacy efforts to pass the New York State Dream Act. 

Read here to learn more about the history and future of the NY State Dream Act
After years of activism led by undocumented youth, New York State has finally passed a version of the DREAM Act  (in Feb 2019), which gives undocumented students access to financial aid. Yet in the broader struggle for immigrant rights, there is much work left to be done.” 

ACT February Test 

NYSACAC is incredibly proud to have been part of the advocacy efforts to ensure that students in New York State have access to take the ACT in February. 

In 2015 a New York state high school counselor reached out to our Government Relations committee with an advocacy issue: My students need to be able to retake the ACT in February, but the ACT in New York isn’t able to offer the February test even though other states do. 

Compliance requirements of the Truth in Testing Act made it difficult for the ACT to offer a February test in New York. The NYSACAC Government Relations Committee worked for multiple years with NACAC and Republican Senator Kenneth LaValle to amend the bill language in order for a February test to occur for the first time in 2019. This ACT advocacy first appeared on our 2017 Advocacy platform and the legislation was amended in 2018. 

ACT Press Release

Opportunity Programs

NYSACAC is incredibly proud to have been part of the advocacy efforts each year to restore funding for NYS Opportunity Programs. We will continue fighting to increase funding for Opportunity Programs. 

Each year the Executive Budget cuts funding for programs including HEOP, STEP/C-STEP, Liberty Partnerships Program, EOP, and SEEK. At Legislative Advocacy Day in Albany,  NYSACAC Members and their students share their impact stories and advocate that these proposed cuts be restored. We continually thank the numerous legislators that support Opportunity programs and join us in this fight to restore and increase funding for these critical programs. 

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    • How to find your Elected Official. Check out this website.

    • Making Calls to Your Reps
      Make sure you do some quick research to determine if this legislator is already in support/co-sponsoring and/or has a voting record on this issue.  If they are in support - please call and thank them. If they are not in support, or haven’t taken a stand, the purpose of this call is to educate and build awareness. 

      • Provide your name and that you’re representing New York State Association for College Admission Counseling. If you are a constituent of this rep, state that and you may be asked to provide your home address. If you are calling the Rep for your school/program, identify your program and the population/constituency that you work with.

      • Name the issue that you are calling about

      • (optional) Describe NYSACAC’s position (or your own position)

      • Provide an example/personalize the issue by sharing a story

      • Ask for action