Take Action

How can I get involved with Legislative Advocacy through NYSACAC?
  • Bill Monitoring
    Our Bill Monitoring sub-committee monitors policy as it moves through the legislative process. 

  • Resources

    • How to find your Elected Official. Check out this website.

    • Making Calls to Your Reps
      Make sure you do some quick research to determine if this legislator is already in support/co-sponsoring and/or has a voting record on this issue.  If they are in support - please call and thank them. If they are not in support, or haven’t taken a stand, the purpose of this call is to educate and build awareness. 

      • Provide your name and that you’re representing New York State Association for College Admission Counseling. If you are a constituent of this rep, state that and you may be asked to provide your home address. If you are calling the Rep for your school/program, identify your program and the population/constituency that you work with.

      • Name the issue that you are calling about

      • (optional) Describe NYSACAC’s position (or your own position)

      • Provide an example/personalize the issue by sharing a story

      • Ask for action

  • NYSACAC Action Alerts