President’s Report, June 2021 


How we met the association’s goals for 2020-21: 

Transformative practice

  • Using the resources of imagination, ingenuity, and passion, we persevered through the worst of the pandemic with its stressors, losses, and challenges.
  • We harnessed our energy and work to provide stellar programs and outreach
  • Ensured our fiduciary responsibility as a not-for-profit association through attorney review of our documents and contracts

 Earn revenue 

  • Membership numbers have grown since June 2020 (about 5% overall according to current data).
  • College Fairs provided a valuable and timely service to colleges, students and families -- also incentivized colleges to join NYSACAC
  • Grant from GoToCollegeFairs to support Camp College in 2021.
  • 600 participants at Annual Conference, thank you to our conference sponsors!

Antiracism education and action 

  • Programming from the Professional Development area: PD Forums, School-College-CBO Relations
  • Grants from Gates foundation for board members to participate in the AntiRacist Education Institute through NACAC
  • Gates Student Success Project’s work highlighted inequities in college completion and transfer admissions and articulation (including for students of color), and provided forums for professionals to discuss the means to progress and solutions.

Membership and mentoring across New York State  

  • Membership grants offered to community college professionals, transfer admissions counselors, regional BOCES counselors, counselors of color, and geodiversity grants to counselors in urban areas outside of NYC and rural communities.
  • SIGs coordinated programming to provide intimate virtual spaces for informal conversations and mentoring.  A SIG Ad Hoc committee led this effort

  • 20/20 Vision Ad Hoc committee honed our strengths and looked at our future to make recommendations for expanding membership, data collection, and celebrating our achievements.

  • Virtual programming: Seedling and HS/CBO Programs, Institute for New Professionals, Summer Institute, Camp College

  • In-person convenings in the Hudson Valley, Long Island, and western NY regions are being planned for sometime in November

Individual goals: 

Take care of yourself*Empathize with others*Accept help*Mindful action and reaction


2021 Year End Committee Reports