2022 NYSACAC Professional Development Forum

Welcome to the 2022 NYSACAC Professional Development Form registration site.

This year the forum will be held virtually:

Friday, March 11: 1:30 - 3:00 PM

College Access and Mental Health: Counseling Marginalized Students

This session will feature several college access counselors who will focus on a specific population of marginalized students. Throughout the panel the counselors will discuss the challenges these students face that impact their college admissions process. They will also provide insight on ways to be more mindful and sensitive throughout this process.

Panel Objectives:

  • Identify some of the unique challenges that impact marginalized students throughout the college access process
  • Discuss how these unique challenges may impact their mental health
  • Inform participants on how they can be more sensitive to these student populations as they provide college access support
  • The College Counselor Panel will be composed of the following:
    • Gina Shedid, Guidance Counselor, Khalil Gibran High School
    • Ivanna Jimenez, College Bound Initiative
    • Kevin Brooks, Guidance Counselor Bronx Letters High School, Urban Assembly
    • Lenni Yesner, College Access Professional

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