Admission Practices Committee



Austin Brass (Term 2019-2022) 
Director of Admissions Recruitment & Strategy
Daeman College


Michael Campanelli (Term 2019-2022)
School Counselor alt
Urban Assembly School for Green Careers



Committee Members

Matthew Berry (2018-2021)
Assistant Director of Freshman Admissions
St. John Fisher College

Bryan Smith (2019-2022)
School Counselor
Clarkstown High School North

Elizabeth A. Roper (2019-2022)
Director of College & Academic Guidance
The Ursuline School

Courtney Stern (2019-2022)
School Counselor
Brighton High School

[email protected]



To monitor and enforce ethical practices in the admission process for all institutions, including high schools and colleges. Guidelines for this committee are detailed in the Guide to Ethical Practice in College Admission.

Responsibilities of the Chair/Co-Chairs

Chair the member committee during regularly scheduled conference calls where NACAC concerns/trends/ questions are addressed. The role of the committee members is to remain informed regarding trends and developments, and serve as a resource to the AP chairs as necessary, i.e. help present at conferences, assist with newsletter, educate the membership, et cetera.

Annually lead the review of the NACAC Guide to Ethical Practices in College Admission.

Report regularly to the NYSACAC Executive Board through the President on the involvement of the Committee.

Complete all official forms and send to the national AP Committee as needed.

Educate the membership and other admission professionals via:

  • Present at the annual NYSACAC conference a workshop that educated the membership on the Guide.
  • Submit articles to the Newsletter about ethical practice, developments in ethics in admission, and broader implications of changes in the field.
  • Conduct workshops for new high school counselors and admission professionals annually at the NYSACAC Summer Institute and/or Winter Institute.
  • Conduct professional development sessions throughout the year to keep membership informed on any changes to ethical guides and/or practice.

Report regularly to the NACAC Executive Board through the National AP Chair.

Annually update his/her knowledge and skills regarding the changes and updates by:

  • Attending three workshops provided by NACAC at the national conference every year.
  • Consulting with liaison on the national AP Committee, as needed.
  • Networking with the other AP chairs from around the world at the annual training sessions.

Maintain a high level of confidentiality with respect to any and all consultations regarding ethical behavior of the professionals in our institutions.