Delegate Names and Regional Assignments

The Position

This role in the governance structure involves duties at both the national and state levels. Delegates will have a key role in helping to shape National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) and New York State Association for College Admission Counseling (NYSACAC) policies and initiatives. As a part of NACAC’s National Assembly, Delegates are representatives, similar in function to members of the House or Senate. The Assembly is composed of elected members of the state and regional associations of NACAC who meet at the fall National Conference to consider issues important to our constituents and to the Association as a whole.

Delegates must be prepared to finance travel expenses, perhaps with institutional support, for the conference, totaling approximately $2,000. As part of the NYSACAC Executive Board, Delegates help perform the business of the Association, and they provide resources for the larger constituency, giving ear and voice to member concerns. The term of office is three years, and Delegates must be voting members of NACAC and members of NYSACAC. A summary of the duties as described in the NYSACAC By-Laws is as follows:

  1. Attendance at NYSACAC Executive Board Meetings
  2. Attendance and participation in the NYSACAC Annual Conference
  3. Attendance at some of the Regional Forums
  4. Acting as a resource person for a specific NYSACAC committee
  5. Serving as a liaison to designated regions of the state
  6. Contributing to the Delegates Report of Assembly activities that is sent to the membership
  7. Representing the membership at the National Assembly
  8. Meeting in caucus with the Chief Delegate prior to the National Assembly or when needed
  9. Participating in all the required voting and discussion sessions associated with the National Assembly

The Commitment

The rewards of volunteer service to the organization can be significant, benefiting members both personally and professionally. Information specific to the school-to- college transition is shared, and leadership skills are developed.