Term 2019-2021


Lauren Sangimino
Assistant Director, Undergraduate Admissions
Stony Brook University

[email protected]



The Position

This role in the governance structure for Secretary involves duties primarily at the state level. It is one of consistent service to its members. Due to the importance of archiving all documents of the Association, the Secretary must pay close attention to detail, be thorough and consistent, and attend all scheduled meetings. The term of office for Secretary is two years. A summary of the duties of Secretary as described in the NYSACAC Bylaws is as follows:

  1. Maintain the recorded history of the Association including all pertinent printed materials.
  2. Record, maintain and distribute the minutes of the general membership meetings to the full membership.
  3. Record, maintain and distribute the minutes of the Executive Board meetings to the Executive Board.
  4. Perform such other duties as directed by the president.

The Commitment

The rewards of volunteer service to the organization can be significant, including learning of opportunities for leadership roles in the Association, gaining more information to help parents and students in the school to college transition, and earning the support and inspiration of colleagues from across the state and country. This position exposes you to all issues related to the Association, and hones many skills necessary for future involvement in other roles.