A Message from President Heidi Green



NYSACAC is at the forefront of creating leadership and professional development opportunities for high school counselors, Community-Based Organizations (CBOs), and college admission professionals whose shared work is in assisting students with their transition to higher education.

Our association brings professionals together from all corners of the state, from the most rural parts to the most urban – and everywhere in between. Our members represent community colleges, public universities, private colleges, public high schools, independent high schools, community-based organizations, independent consultants, corporate/vendors, and retirees. We have professionals with less than one year of experience to those who have retired following long and illustrious careers. This diversity of perspective and experience makes us stronger and enables us to develop solutions, create best practices, and fulfill our mission.

NYSACAC has been the constant during my time in the profession, regardless on which side of the desk I have been sitting. My involvement with NYSACAC spans several decades, starting at the Summer Institute, one of our organization’s most notable programs, on my very first day in college admissions. Since that August day at the beginning of my career, I have been on many committees, presented at state and national conferences, and served in multiple co-chair roles, as a high school delegate, and most recently as President-Elect. Whether you are a long-time member of the association or just joining us, I am certain that many of your professional relationships (and, in time, personal friendships) will get their start at an NYSACAC event.

The members of our Board will work to ensure you have access to the tools, resources, and support you need to work effectively with students and families. Our committees, under the leadership of four Vice Presidents, will be offering some amazing professional development opportunities, and I hope you will take advantage of them and encourage your colleagues to do the same.

In July, at our Executive Board’s summer retreat, we began preparing for the 2023-2024 year. Most notably, we are working to create an effective regional model where our representatives, (formerly known as delegates), will serve as liaisons to the association for matters important in each area of the state. We are hosting two Camp College programs and the annual Summer Institute this summer. We expect to return to in-person Regional Forums and continue looking for College Fair opportunities throughout the state. We are in the planning stages of our “ketchup” series on hot topics facing the profession, the Coming Together Conference and the Annual Conference. And so much more!

As a member of our organization, you have a voice! Please share your opinions, experience, ideas, and comments with me or to any of the Executive Board members listed on the website. If you would like to get involved with the association, please fill out thisI want to get involvedform and reach out to the Vice President or Committee Chair who leads in your area of interest.

Best wishes for a wonderful and productive year. 

Heidi Green
[email protected]