CBO and Opportunity Programs

Allison Newman
(Term 2016-2019)
Scholarship Director

Say Yes to Education, Buffalo




Kevin Brooks (Term 2018-2021)
College & Post Secondary Readiness Counselor
Bronx Academy of Letters


Committee Members

Felipe Ayala, Jr.
College Coordinator
The Children’s Aid Society

Sandy Jimenez
Scholarship Coordinator
Say Yes to Education
Teachers College

[email protected]


The Community Based Organization (CBO) chair serves as the primary representative and advocate on behalf of CBO’s throughout the state of New York. 


The committee represents the voice of CBO’s to NYSACAC.


Some of the possible goals for this committee include:

  • Design a directory of statewide CBO’s
  • Bring any and all CBO concerns to the NYSACAC Board
  • Representation from the entire state on the committee
  • Work with the membership committee to increase NYSACAC membership through CBO representation including recruitment through NACAC, NCAN, GEAR UP, trio programs
  • Represent underserved populations that are most often the constituents of CBO’s
  • CBO proposal for NYSACAC conference about understanding CBO’s and how to recruit students from CBO’s
  • Recruit other CBO folks to be on other NYSACAC committees
  • Collaborate with CACNY to offer a CBO type college fair for middle and high school students and possibly have a forum/cocktail party for CBO’s to exchange information with admission folks
  • Develop interest questionnaire about what current CBO members want from NYSACAC
  • Develop a protocol/best practices for CBO college advisors to follow when working with students/schools
  • Article in newsletter
  • Lobbying with NYSACAC on February 8th