NYSACAC Summer Institute


Jeff Bates (Term 2015-2019)
Director of College Counseling
Rye Country Day School

After this year's Summer Institute, Jeff will be rolling off and Annemarie Cervoni (School Counselor, Orchard Park High School) will be rolling on for a term of 2019-2022.

Karen Brown (Term 2017-2020)
Director of Admission
SUNY Oneonta

[email protected]


The charge of the Summer Institute Committee is to provide an educational forum for new school counselors, college counselors and college admissions counselors. The Institute is a three-and-a-half day, intensive, experiential based program that brings new and experienced counselors together with energetic and seasoned mentors to grapple with a wide range of admissions counseling issues. Through lectures, workshops, case studies, round table discussions and mentor group meetings, participants share expertise, develop creative approaches to new and not-so-new problems and tackle ethical issues. The Institute is managed and executed through the volunteer efforts of a dedicated Planning Team, which includes Co-Chairs (2), Curriculum Director, Onsite Coordinator, Publicity Director, and Lead Mentor.

Responsibilities of the Chair/Co-Chairs:

    • Serve as liaison between the Institute’s Planning Team and the Executive Board of NYSACAC
    • Prepare and administer the budget for the Institute.
    • Select new members of the Team (with other members’ input) and new mentors from nominations.
    • Assist the Curriculum Director of the Institute in recruiting presenters and overseeing communication with workshop presenters before and after the Institute.
    • Prepare agendas, schedule and lead Planning Team meetings.
    • Prepare and present an annual report on the Summer Institute to the NYSACAC Executive Board.
    • Fulfill a four-year term, one for training and three on staff, for the full Institute, which traditionally occurs in the beginning of August, Monday through Friday.
    • Maintain all records of the Institute.
    • Submit articles regarding the Summer Institute for the NYSACAC newsletter.
    • Submit reports to the Vice President for Professional Development and Planning to be presented at each Executive Board meeting.
    • Attend Executive Board meetings.
    • Attend the annual NYSACAC spring conference.
    • Coordinate the traditional Summer Institute Reception at the annual conference.

Responsibilities of the Planning Team:

    • Play a critical role in setting the agenda and tone of the Institute.
    • Help promote overall awareness of the Summer Institute.
    • Attend Planning Team meetings and participate in planning conference calls.
    • Develop curricular philosophy and implementation of curriculum, which includes ethics cases, case studies, role-playing skits and setting schedule for the Institute.
    • Assist the Co-Directors with recruiting, selecting and advising mentors and workshop presenters.
    • Update, review, and compile the Summer Institute notebook for participants, mentors and Planning Team.
    • Help coordinate mentor meetings during the Institute.
    • Develop the Institute’s evaluation format, compile results, and use as a basis for changes in the Institute.
    • Provide evaluation feedback to workshop presenters.
    • Write thank you notes to mentors and presenters of the Institute.
    • Fulfill a four-year term, one for training and three on staff, for the full Institute, which traditionally occurs in the beginning of August, Monday through Friday.
    • Participate in all Institute activities.
    • Develop and update the Institute registration brochure and mail to all NYSACAC members and affiliated groups.
    • Organize the Summer Institute raffle at the annual spring conference to raise scholarship monies for participants.
    • Canvas colleges and schools for donations for the raffle.
    • Select and purchase mementos for mentors and workshop presenters.
    • Work in liaison with the site staff, traditionally at Skidmore College, to ensure the smooth operation of the Summer Institute.
    • Assist Co-Directors in the pre-Institute workshop for mentors.
Executive Board