Membership Relations Committee


Melissa Bellantonio (Term 2020-2023)
Senior Associate Director of Admissions
Adelphi University



Derek Demperio
Associate Director of Admission
Le Moyne College



[email protected]


Membership Relations Committee Members:

Karen Archibee
Assistant Director of Admissions
SUNY Oswego

Luis Barcelo
School Counselor
Pelham Memorial High School

Keith Geraldino
CUNY Baruch College
Admissions Advisor

Katherine McCarthy
Senior Admissions Officer
University of Connecticut   

Danielle Robinson
Associate Director of Admission
SUNY Maritime

Mark VanDreason
Senior Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admission
Utica College


The charge of the Membership Relations Committee is to recruit, enroll, and track NYSACAC members, as well as publish the information through a directory. The term of office for the Membership Relations Chair is three years.

Responsibilities of the Chair/Co-Chairs

  • Recruit members for the Membership Relations Committee
  • Organize meetings for the Membership Relations Committee
  • Recruit and enroll NYSACAC members from previous renewal information, sending renewal reminders, and membership acknowledgement
  • Communicate with the membership via the Newsletter at least once a year
  • Publish a directory twice a year
  • Attend NYSACAC Executive Board meetings
  • Report updates on membership and the work of the Membership Relations Committee to the VP for Finance before each Executive Board meeting
  • Obtain current NACAC membership list for New York State and encourage non-members to join NYSACAC
  • Create and disseminate (every other year) a map comprised of all college members of NYSACAC
  • Assist with selecting and submitting Membership Spotlight honorees to be sent to the Newsletter Committee

Responsibilities of Committee Members

  • Consist of the Membership Relations Chairs and at least two at large members of NYSACAC
  • Be responsible for the recruitment and enrollment of members in NYSACAC
  • Assist in revising, updating, publishing, and disseminating the membership directory
  • Encourage membership in NACAC