Vice President for Professional Development & Planning

Term: 2018-2021

Kristen Harris
Director, College Readiness Supports
NYCDOE, Office of Postsecondary Readiness

[email protected]

The Position

This role in the governance structure involves leadership, communication skills, flexibility, and creativity. The Vice President for Professional Development & Planning coordinates the work of several key committees within the organization, as indicated below. This Vice President also serves as a liaison between the committee chairpersons and the Executive Board, advocating and soliciting the Board’s assistance when necessary. As the voice of these committees, it is also the role of this Vice President to reach outside the Association in an effort to enhance relationships with parallel committees across the country. A critical task for this individual is to determine future sites for both the annual state conference and Summer Institute, which requires outreach and communication with colleges across the state. The term of office is three years. A summary of the duties as described in the NYSACAC By-Laws are as follows:

  1. Coordinate the work of the College Fairs Committee; Professional Development Committee; School, College and CBO Relations Committee; and the Summer Institute as well as any related ad hoc and interim committees except those associated with the Annual Membership Meeting.
  2. Provide a written report, which also details issues needing input and/or action, to the Executive Board on the work of the committees at least ten (10) days in advance of the scheduled Executive Board meetings.
  3. Coordinate the preparation of budget proposals and other funding requests for individual committees and present the same to the Executive Board.
  4. Serve as an ex-officio member of the aforementioned committees.
  5. Seek future sites for the Annual Spring Conference.
  6. Assess the site for the annual Summer Institute on a regular basis.

The Commitment

Serving in this capacity provides significant opportunities for growth and exposure both within and outside the Association. For those that have served as active committee members and/or chairs on related committees as listed above, this is a logical next step. You are able to work with many populations, including our members, committee chairs, the executive board, and leaders from State and Regional Associations from across the country.