Past Presidentalt

Term: 2020-2021

Stephanie Espina
Director of Undergraduate Admissions
Adelphi University

[email protected]

The Position

This role in the governance structure involves leadership at both the state and national levels, as the Past President is a very active member of the Executive Board. The expertise of this individual is utilized in an advisory capacity by the Board and in particular by the President. While a change in leadership is certainly a healthy time for new initiatives within the organization, it is also critical to have the Past President’s historical knowledge of the organization as these new endeavors are pursued. It is only the Past President that can provide both hindsight and foresight as the Association moves forward. The Past President is also a Delegate to the National Assembly. The term of office for the Past President is one year. A summary of the duties of the Past President as described in the NYSACAC By-Laws is as follows:

  1. Chair the Nominating Committee
  2. Certify that all Delegates and Alternates to the National Assembly are individual members of NYSACAC and NACAC.
  3. Serve as a resource and advisor to the President.
  4. Coordinate the annual review of Articles of Organization and By-Laws.
  5. Serve as a Delegate for NYSACAC for a period of one year.

The Commitment

Serving the Association as Past President is a critical role. This individual brings the perspective of one who has just served the organization as the President. This person has developed, completed, or perhaps just initiated new endeavors for the organization, and through the previous roles as President-Elect and President, can serve as a key mentor to the entire organization. This knowledge and experience can help direct the organization as the current President brings energy and direction to its members.

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