Term: 2020-2021

Marie Nocella
Assistant Director of Admission and Multicultural Coordinator
Siena College

[email protected]

The Position

This role in the governance structure involves leadership at both the state and national levels. The President-Elect is solely responsible for the planning of the annual State Conference, communicating the status of activities to the membership and executive board on a regular basis. In addition to the responsibilities listed below, the President-Elect is a member of the State and Regional President Council, a body composed of Presidents and Presidents-Elect for the twenty four state and regional associations. The President Council meets three times annually: in July at NACAC’s Leadership Development Institute, in the fall at the National Conference, and in the spring during the National Legislative Forum. The President-Elect is also a Delegate to the National Assembly, and is prepared to assume the Office of President in the current President’s absence. The term of office for President-Elect is one year. A summary of the duties of President-Elect as described in the NYSACAC By-Laws is as follows:

  1. Serve as chair of the planning committee for the annual Spring Conference.Responsible for regular meetings of the planning committee to oversee the necessary preparations of the conference. Meet regularly with the on-site coordinator. Responsible for: selecting a keynote speaker, organizing the conference’s closing event/s, approving social events, workshops and all conference related activities.
  2. Report on conference updates to the NYSACAC Executive Board.
  3. Report to NYSACAC members at the two annual general membership meetings.
  4. Update NYSACAC members about conference activities via the NYSACAC Newsletter.
  5. Assume the Office of the President in his/her absence or resignation at all official functions of the Association.
  6. Assume the Office of President at the conclusion of the term of President-Elect.
  7. Serve as a Delegate to the NACAC Assembly.
  8. Serve on the NACAC President Council.
  9. Attend the NACAC Conference and Leadership Development Institute.
  10. Assume other responsibilities as directed by the President.

The Commitment

Serving the Association in the role of President-Elect is indeed very challenging and rewarding. It is a time for honing leadership skills in preparation for assuming the position of President. The President-Elect acts as a liaison to the membership regarding critical issues and in planning the annual State conference. This task commands leadership and the ability to work closely with the Steering Committee and the membership in a true team spirit.