Camp College

Rianna DeFreece 
(Term 2018-2021)alt
Senior Admissions Advisor
CUNY School of Professional Studies


Jonathan Hoster (Term 2018-2021)alt

Undergraduate Recruitment Specialist
Syracuse University


[email protected]


The charge of the Camp College Committee is to support NYSACAC in promoting inclusion, access and success in post-secondary education through participation in college preparatory camps.

Responsibilities of the Co-Chairs

  • Recruit committee members at the beginning of the academic year
  • Plan and Coordinate two annual Camp College Programs
  • Submit reports to the Vice President for Inclusion, Access, and Success
  • Attend Executive Board meetings and submit a report to the VP for Inclusion, Access, and Success prior to the meeting
  • Maintain the NYSACAC website focusing on Camp College
  • Oversee all subcommittees for Camp College

Subcommittees and Responsibilities

College Fair - This sub-committee will organize, advertise, and collect funds for the fairs during both camps.

Communications and Data - This sub-committee will create or update all letters and flyers needed for Camp College.  It will also manage our email, Facebook and Twitter accounts and create door decorations. They will also create, distribute, and college data for post-camp surveys for students and mentors.

Training & Curriculum - This sub-committee will be responsible for the workshops and the updating of the book.

Donations, Grants, and Fundraising - This sub-committee will help us raise money and collect items for camp, including grant writing, outreach to companies for donations, outreach to NYSACAC for college donations and sponsorships, ribbon selling, raffles, and brainstorming.