Vice President for Finance-Elect

Term: 2017-2018

Chris Doyle
Director of Admission
Marist College

[email protected]

The Position

This role in the governance structure involves duties primarily at the state level; however, the effects of this position are far reaching, impacting our association at both the state and national levels. The Vice President for Finance-Elect must not only assist with the monitoring of all financial transactions within the Association, but oversee the work of the development and membership committees. The success of these particular committees is critical to the life of the organization. Establishment of a strong foundation will assist New York State’s national standing and strengthen our voice at this level-something all state and regional associations strive to do. The term of office for Vice President for Finance-Elect is one year. A summary of the duties of this position as described in the NYSACAC By-Laws is as follows:

  1. Shall attend all meetings of the committees named in Article III, Section 7 of the NYSACAC Bylaws as a non-voting member.
  2. Assume the office of Vice President for Finance upon the expiration of the Vice President for Finance’s term or for the remainder of the Vice President for Finance’s term if the Vice President for Finance is unable or unwilling to complete his / her term.
  3. Prepare to assume the duties of the Vice President for Finance.

The Commitment

The rewards of volunteer service to the organization can be significant, benefiting members both personally and professionally. Information specific to the school to college transition is shared, leadership skills are developed, and the respect and support of colleagues across the state and country are earned.