A Message from the Project Manager

January 2021

Achieving College Attainment and Success Goals Through a Shared Vision and Collaborative Efforts

The work on our Student Success project continues. On October 1 and 6 we held Statewide Virtual Convenings with leaders from partner organizations and members of NYSACAC with the goal of generating several action items. 

The group discussions were framed by reports of collaborative efforts from EdTrust-NY regarding the adoption of a state goal for postsecondary success and from United Way-NYC regarding a statement on equity in educational opportunities in New York.  Marissa Guijarro reported on her late-September testimony to the State’s legislature regarding current and near-future needs of our students. Finally, a summary of our summer’s Virtual Conversations was provided.

I want to thank all our participants who took time out of their busy schedules to contribute to this dialogue.  Special thanks to Stephanie Espina, Jane Mathias, Marie Nocella, and Genevieve Price-Griffin for recording and reporting on the deliberations of the discussion groups that generated the action items.



Convening Information

For those interested, these documents can be found at the following links:

As with the work generated earlier by our series of Virtual Conversations, any questions and/or additional insights you wish to offer are welcome.  Please contact me at [email protected]

Where do we go from here?

In the coming weeks, NYSACAC’s leadership will discuss the Convenings action items and the myriad recommendations found in the Conversations report.  The goal is to arrive at a list of immediate and near-future impactful activities, along with a production schedule that optimizes available resources. As an example, we will discern how best to utilize this information to strengthen and, possibly, broaden our legislative advocacy activities for the coming year.

Once we make this list public, we will be seeking volunteers from NYSACAC’s membership to assist in putting these into action.  We will have a number of these activities in the works by the end of March and, at the same time, the next set of plans in place for implementation.

I look forward to our continued work together and, as always, am privileged to have this opportunity to collaborate with you.


Best wishes,

Kurt M. Thiede
Project Manager


 For information on this project and archived information, visit: NYSACAC Student Success Project .