Article X: Committees

Section 1: The Executive Board may designate one or more committees that shall have such name or names as may be determined from time to time by the Board. The Board may appoint committees consisting solely of Directors, which committees shall exercise the authority of the Board in the management of the Corporation.  Each such committee shall consist of two or more Directors, and the Board shall designate a chair of each committee from among such Directors. Committee chairs must be employed within the profession at the time of appointment. Committee chairs who cease to be employed in the profession must renew their membership as described in Article II, Section I-G immediately. If the appointed chairperson fails to secure a position within the profession after one membership cycle he/she must resign.

Section 2: Other committees not having and exercising the authority of the Executive Board in the management of NYSACAC may also be designated and appointed by the Board.

Section 3: NYSACAC shall have the following standing committees: Finance Committee, Admission Practices Committee, Human Relations Committee, Professional Development Committee, School College Relations Committee, Camp College Committee, Newsletter Committee, Member Relations Committee, College Fair Committee, College Tour Committee, Summer Institute Committee, Technology Committee, Scholarship Committee, Marketing Committee, CBO and Opportunity Program Committee, Government Relations Committee and Development Committee.  The charters, composition and further responsibilities of such Standing Committees shall be set forth in the policies and procedures of NYSACAC. The President shall appoint the Standing Committee chairs for a three (3) year term, in consultation with the Vice President for Professional Development & Planning, the Vice President for Inclusion, Access and Success, Vice President for Communications, and the Vice President for Finance, past chairs and other NYSACAC members. Unless otherwise described in the NYSACAC policies and procedures, committee members of these committees will be appointed by the committee chair in consultation with the appropriate vice president. Unless otherwise described in the NYSACAC policies and procedures, committee membership shall be for a term of two (2) years, with no limitations on the number of consecutive terms that a member may serve on a particular committee.  All committee chairs and members must have their NYSACAC membership current and in good standing.  Failure to renew one’s NYSACAC membership may result in removal from the board.

  1. The Admissions Practices Committee shall: consist of eight NYSACAC voting members, including the Chair (s). Members of the committee will serve for a three-year term with members rotating off each year as new members rotate on the committee. If possible, committee members should represent institutions that have diverse geographic, racial and socio-economic populations and the following constituencies: public secondary schools, independent secondary schools, public colleges/universities, independent colleges/universities and community based organizations (CBOs).
  2. Have a Chair who served on the Admission Practices Committee within the last five (5) years.
  3. Review annually the Statement of Principles of Good Practice: NACAC’s Code of Ethics and Professional Practices of NACAC to monitor practices and procedures and review new practices and procedures in college admission to ensure consistency with the Statement of Principles of Good Practice: NACAC’s Code of Ethics and Professional Practices
  4. Be responsible for addressing alleged infractions as defined by NACAC Governmental Relations Advisory Practice.
  5. Report to the Executive Board through the President

Section 4: The Member Relations Committee chairs and members must be eligible for voting status as defined by Article II, section 1.