Chief Delegatealt

Term: 2020-2021

Stephanie Espina
Director of Undergraduate Admissions
Adelphi University

[email protected]


The Position

This role in the governance structure involves leadership and advocacy duties at both the state and national levels. The Chief Delegate is responsible for leading the state’s delegation in their responsibilities, as they assist in setting national policy and serve as liaisons to the state membership. This individual sets the tone and direction of the delegation.

The Chief Delegate participates in activities with the delegation, in particular attendance at the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC), at which time national officers are elected and national policies set by all state and regional association delegates. This individual must organize a seminar prior to the national conference at which time delegates discuss issues of concern to be raised, and review the schedule for the conference in detail. It is at this conference that the delegates are truly able to serve as the voice of the state in bringing forward members’ concerns at the national level. The Chief Delegate determines how the delegates will communicate to the membership and together they develop a yearlong plan in which to do so. The term of office is one year, and the Chief Delegate must be a voting member of NACAC. A summary of the duties as described in the NYSACAC By-Laws is as follows:

  1. Attendance at NYSACAC Executive Board Meetings
  2. Attendance and participation in the NYSACAC Annual Spring Conference
  3. Attendance at some of the regional forums
  4. Acting as a resource person for a specific NYSACAC committee
  5. Serving as a liaison to designated regions of the state
  6. Submitting a written report to the Executive Board that highlights National Assembly decisions. This report shall be submitted at the first regularly scheduled Executive Board meeting following the Assembly’s meeting and immediately disseminated to the general membership
  7. Representing the membership at the National Conference
  8. Coordinating a caucus with the Delegates prior to the National Assembly or when needed
  9. Participating in all the required voting and discussion sessions associated with the Assembly

The Commitment

The rewards of volunteer service, particularly one involving such a leadership role, can be significant, benefiting members both personally and professionally. Information specific to the school to college transition is shared, leadership skills are honed, and the respect and support of colleagues across the state and country are earned.